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Flight e-vouchers

Can multiple flight vouchers be combined in one booking?​

Yes, up to 10 vouchers can be used in a single booking.

Are taxes and fees included in the voucher price?​

No. Airport taxes and fees must be coveredd separately during the booking process.​

Can I pay taxes with the airBaltic gift card when booking with the flight voucher?​

No, it is not permitted.

What is the validity term of the voucher?​

Not less than 6 months from the voucher purchase date but usually the actual validity period is longer, even up to one year. The exact validity period will be noted in the voucher details after the purchase.

Can flight vouchers be used in combination with regular purchased tickets?​

No, once the e-voucher code is entered on, you will only see the fares that meet the e-voucher rules and these cannot be combined with the regular fares​.

Can a flight voucher be used to book a flight to a destination from a lower region?​

Yes. For Region 2–5 vouchers, you can book flights to lower region destinations (for example, the Region 5 coupon can also be used for all destinations within Regions 1-4)​

Can the flight e-voucher be purchased with a combination of points and money if I don't have enough points?​

No. Only payment with points is possible.​ You can create a Friends & Family account with someone to combine points from several accounts or choose to buy an airBaltic gift card that can be purchased with a combination of points and money where a minimum of 100 points is required.

Can I get a birthday discount for the flight voucher purchase?​

No, the flight voucher cannot be combined with any other special offers, campaigns and discounts.

How to book a flight with airBaltic Club flight voucher?

  1. Go to
  2. Select a one-way or round trip flight and enter the coupon code in the "I have a gift card / discount code" section. The voucher code can be found in the e-voucher you received in the e-mail after making the purchase in the airBaltic Club rewards shop.
  3. Select the desired departure and destination that falls within the designated region of your e-voucher or lower regions and continue with search for available flight dates.
  4. Flights for which the voucher can be exchanged for a flight booking are displayed as active dates in the calendar view. Booking with the voucher is not available on inactive dates.
  5. The price shown on the available dates is the airport taxes and fees that are not included in the price of the airBaltic Club flight voucher and must be paid separately. The flight price is 0.00 €.
  6. To complete the booking, the passenger information must be entered, as well as the payment of airport taxes and fees for the selected flight must be completed.
  7. Upon completion of the booking, a confirmation with the booking details will be sent to the email address entered in the booking.